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Access all the practice you'll need to pass the test. Study chapter by chapter, and try over 600 questions at the end of the lessons. Time-limited tests help you test your knowledge with the 30-minute time limit of the actual test. Get feedback on your correct and incorrect answers.

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All the app's material is based on Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. Practice with questions that you will be asked on the citizenship test.

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Stay Motivated

Join the World’s Largest Fitness
Community for advice, tips, and
support 24/7.

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Always Be in Touch

Use community groups to motivate and inspire, or promote your services and drive revenue.

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Build a Community

Foster a community that drives client loyalty with our social media features and challenge modules.

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A Complete Solution

Offer exercise and progress tracking, communication, scheduling, and more - all in one place.

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Wearables and Monitors

Connect wearables through Google Fit or Apple Health, or directly connect with NEO Health.


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"I just did my test today and got 20 out of 20! This app helped a lot. The test questions were very close to the actual test"

Official Canada Guide contents, described in easy language,more practice test, easy to go directly wrong answers to correct immediately. Overall it’s must recommend app and yes it’s free!!

"I used this app to prepare for my exam in a week. I Spent an hour every evening after work to go through all the chapters and did all the tests. It helped me to score 20/20 on the real exam."

"I just read through this app for about 6 hours and gave my exam on same day!! Scored 19/20. They have great questions. Very similar to what would be asked in actual test. Very happy that I downloaded it and studied from it!"

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